Moruya Golf Club

Hole Three

Blue White Black Par Index
387m 382m 336m 4 1/21
Red Yellow Par Index
386m 336m 5 13

This hole's a beauty. Rated the hardest hole on the course. To make the green in two, you need to hit 217m to carry the water channel. Aim at the poplars and fade the ball up the dogleg right. For most high handicappers a sensible approach is an iron laid up short leaving a long second shot into the green. The green is flat with a generous opening between bunkers either side, with another at the back. A simple chip shot if you're short for two. If you make par, take time to admire the pretty little pond with a She-Oak and a willow in the middle and water Lillie's enroute to the next tee. If you took triple bogey, this is a good place to drown your clubs.