Moruya Golf Club

Hole Nine

Blue White Black Par Index
370m 366m 305m 4 9/29
Red Yellow Par Index
324m 305m 4 5

A slight dog left par 4, played downhill to a fairway which is bordered now by established trees and narrow rough on both sides. You can't see the landing area or the green, but aim your drive at the flagpole in front of the clubhouse. but stay away from the left hand bunker as the dam looks huge from there The fairway turns right slightly over the crest, and slopes down to the huge double green. It also slopes right towards the pond. Note the colour of the flag you're supposed to be playing to is red. Your second shot should come in from left to right to avoid the bunker front and centre of the green. Get close if you can, there's lots of three putt territory.