Moruya Golf Club

Hole Fifteen

Blue White Black Par Index
319m 313m 297m 4 6/26
Red Yellow Par Index
307m 297m 4 2

This is another blind shot to a fairway which runs downhill and slopes left to right into a water hazard that is quite reachable off the tee. This is where most hackers will probably cream the ball 230m dead straight. Be warned, even the little fence which allows you to retrieve most balls before they actually drown will save you here. Aim for the big gum on the right hand side of the fairway and hit a five wood or three iron with a draw right to left. If you can't do this, aim further left off the tee. Your second shot is downhill to the green. The pond on the right hand side is still a factor, with the fairway and green sloping left to right. Aim to just miss the bunker left of the green, or you run the risk of rolling into the one on the right, and don't run over into the one behind. I hope that's all clear.