Moruya Golf Club

Hole Eleven

Blue White Black Par Index
349m 338m 318m 4 4/24
Red Yellow Par Index
301m 318m 4 6

Played from the top comer of the course, the fairway bends around to the left. There's a ditch and a road O O B on the right. Aim a drive at the light towers and try to shape your tee shot right to left or for the big hitters you can try to cut the corner of the dogleg going over the trees. As you approach the 150m mark, a beautiful green comes into view, with a cypress and a towering gum behind which seems to reach out over the green. There's a bunker on the left, so come in from the right. This greens slightly raised, making it a little harder to get onto, with any shots leaking to the right penalised with a difficult chip shop remaining.