Moruya Golf Club

Hole Eight

Blue White Black Par Index
468m 443m 405m 5 13/27
Red Yellow Par Index
410m 405m 5 3

A beautiful risk and reward hole with a slight double dogleg, first left then right, takes you into the older established part of the course. Your tee shot is played over a little creek up onto a fairway which slopes right to left. Aim between the tall gums on either side of the fairway, a ball struck a bit right should come back to the middle. It's uphill to the green, and a good tee shot will allow you to cut the second dogleg and go straight for the pin with a big fairway wood. This is a large sloping green, protected on the left by a huge gum and a pot, with two small pots right. No easy putts here unless you lob your ball below the hole. This is a great birdie opportunity hole.